9 Reasons Why Local SEO is Important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of online marketing for any business, but local SEO is especially important for small businesses that serve a specific geographic area. Local SEO is the process of optimizing a business’s online presence to increase its visibility for geographically-related searches. The goal of local SEO is to rank higher in search engine results when users search for businesses or services in a specific geographic location.

Some examples of local SEO keywords for a solar company might include:

  • “solar panel installation [city name]”
  • “solar energy [city name]”
  • “residential solar [city name]”
  • “solar panel maintenance [city name]”
  • “solar power [city name]”
  • “solar energy company [city name]”
  • “solar panel installation near me”
  • “solar company [city name]”

These keywords target specific geographic locations and would be used in website content, meta tags, and business listings to help the solar company show up in search results for people searching for solar services in those areas. If you are not a solar company, just replace the solar services with your own and just add the geographic you wish to target.

Increased Visibility

This is one of the most significant advantages of local SEO. You will be more likely to appear in the search results when locals look for terms relating to your company if you optimize your website for local searches. This implies that more people will be able to locate your establishment, which may result in more customers and sales.

Better Targeting

Local SEO enables you to more precisely target your market more. You have a better chance of connecting with local clients who are seeking the goods or services you provide if you optimize your website for local search. Instead of attempting to connect with a larger, more national audience who may not be as interested in what you have to give, do this instead.


Marketing your company in the area you serve or want to serve may be done at a low cost without using paid ads. Local SEO does not need a big budget, unlike conventional types of promotion like television or print advertisements. You can optimize your website for local search without investing a lot of money if you have the correct methods in place. The one downside is it may take a few months in order for search engines to crawl and rank your site higher.

Building Trust

Local SEO may also help you increase client trust. People are more likely to see your company as credible and trustworthy when they can locate it in local search results. This is because if your company can write content for the answers they are searching for they will more likely believe you are an expert in what they want (because you are the expert in the product or service you offer!). This is crucial for small companies who are just getting started and want to build a presence in the neighborhood you sell in.

Compete with Large Businesses

Local SEO also enables small companies to take on more established, larger rivals that have deeper pockets. You will be more likely to appear in the search results next to bigger companies. If you optimize your website for local search. For example, the cost per click using Google Ads for a solar company can range up to $100 to $200. This isn’t a lead capture, but the cost every time someone clicks your digital ad. This high cost may discount a lot of people from starting their dream business. As a result, the playing field may be leveled and small enterprises may have an opportunity to stand out.


It is critical that your website is mobile-friendly since an increasing number of consumers are utilizing their mobile phones to look for local companies. Your website may be mobile search engine optimized with the aid of local SEO, making it simpler for customers to locate your company on their smartphones. If you are embarrassed to share your website to your customers, you probably should hire someone to fix it as soon as possible. Your website is your digital business card; you need to be proud and confident of it.

Better User Experience

Local SEO may also aid in enhancing your website’s user experience because it is offering exactly what they are looking for and need. You will have a better chance of appearing in the search results with precise information, such as your address and phone number if you optimize your website for local search. Customers may find it simpler to locate and contact your company as a result. More chances to contact you equals more chances of you making more money.

Brand Building

Local SEO may also aid in the development of your brand for the same reason mentioned above. You will increase the likelihood that prospective clients will find you by showing up in the search results for terms associated with your company. For example, a solar company might want to have a blog post that ranks for “Solar Incentives in [State]” so they can attract potential sales. This may contribute to better brand recognition and make your company more visible.

Better Analytics

Last but not least, local SEO may assist you in comprehending your clients better. You will be able to see where your website traffic is coming from and which keywords are bringing in the most visitors when you optimize your website for local search. This might aid in your decision-making about your web marketing plan. Without any traffic to your website, you have no data which gives you less insight into who your buyers are. The more data the better.

Recommended Tracking Tools

  • Google Analytics – for overall visitor data including, time spent on a page, sources, demographic and geographic vitals.
  • CallRail – to track the lead source and to show which pages your form or phone call lead visited. Also serves as a useful “phone tree” (Press 1 for X; Press 2 for Y…)


As you just read, local SEO is a crucial component for companies trying to promote their product in a given geographic. By being more visible, more cost-effective, more trustworthy, more cost-competitive, mobile-friendly, more user-friendly, and brand-building, small firms may compete with bigger ones. If you have overlooked investing in creating content that is searchable online, don’t worry so many have.

Many business owners we consult with before they hire our local SEO services is “why doesn’t Google just know my business?” The answer is simple, they don’t know your business and what you sell because you aren’t providing them with enough data, in other words, create good content so Google may serve their customers with valuable information.

Free Consultation

Because (nearly) everyone uses search engines to find what they are looking for a local SEO consultation is essential for business owners who want to increase their online presence and attract more customers in the areas they are doing business in. It will help you understand search engine optimization methods and enable you to discuss your objectives and goals with an expert. Don’t hesitate to schedule a chat with a local SEO expert today!

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